Who Are The Singing Waiters?

The Singing Waiters London are one of the UK’s most prominent surprise entertainers. As the name of the group already implies, they became known for their singing waiters routine which they are performing for all kind of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so forth. Another very popular routine from the repertoire is flash mobs which are performing the bigger cities all across UK, in places such as shopping malls and other public locations.

But the singing waiters or not only doing musical surprise entertainment, there are also splendid with “normal” musical entertainment. The singing waiters can also be found on several cruise ships that set out from the UK where they perform the musical entertainment for holiday makers.

What makes The Singing Waiters different from other surprise entertainers? Now, surprise entertainment isn’t exactly something extremely rare in particular in United Kingdom. What’s rare however is to find a group that is really good at it. After all, everyone can call himself an entertainer and then perform at some place and charge money for it.

The Singing Waiters London are probably the one and only surprise entertainment group in the United Kingdom where each of their members is actually qualified for the job. They all come from renowned arts and music schools in UK. In other words they are top notch in what they are doing. If have any doubts about that, just ask anyone who had the fortunate to see them!