Stay Fit and Have Fun on Your Next Holidays

There are a lot of people who think that a standard run-of-the-mill holiday would be the best way to spend time at their favourite travel location. But holidays can be so much more fun and a lot more exciting if you do them off the beaten path, away from those places where everyone else goes.

campervanI do not think that booking into a hotel at one of the already overcrowded tourist destinations makes for a great holiday. If you ask me, those types of holidays don’t really excite me a lot at all!

I found that camping is a lot more fun than staying in hotel rooms.

And when I say “camping” I don’t mean that you will have to bring your sleeping bag and a tent. I am talking about getting a fully equipped camper van for your next holiday travels.

The truth is, in the past I had booked into some hotels that provided me less comfort and luxury than I have today when I go travel with my camper. My van has everything I need, this includes a nice kitchen area, a couch, a table, a fridge and a shower. I can go wherever I want, I can get up whenever I want, I can prepare my own food and drink and it don’t rely on anyone, no overpriced hotels and no expensive hotel restaurants!

In recent years, self catering has actually gotten even more affordable especially in countries such as in Spain or Italy! Prices for groceries there have dropped compared to the last few years,  thanks to the strong British pound! This means that having a nice holiday at that those places is even cheaper today than it was some years ago. Pretty much any holiday destination today will have a supermarket where you can buy everything you will require during your stay without having to spend a lot of money.

A VW camper van hire can be a great start when you want to go on an exciting holiday. You will always have the option to just book a camper van for the duration of your holidays and if you start to really like this type of travel  like I do you might even want to purchase your very own camper van!

The World’s Fittest Man: Paddy Doyle from Solihull

Paddy Doyle, from Solihull, West Midlands may be the world’s fittest man according to an article at The Daily Mail. The article shows that Mr. Doyle started breaking records as early as back in 1987.

Paddy DoyleThe 49 years old former paratrooper holds no less than 55 Guinness world records. Among them:

* Most one-armed push ups, a startling 4,000 per day in one single year.
* The most sit-ups in five hours while holding a 50lb steel plate.
* He completed the fastest cross-country marathon carrying 40 lbs backpack.

Along with his 55 Guinness records, Paddy holds another (!) 149 records which however are approved by other bodies according to the article.

It is rather safe to say that Paddy Doyle may well be the world’s fittest man!