The Advantages of Fire Cameras

Everyone will know smoke detectors, the small battery driven devices that you can find in many homes and businesses.

Most smoke detectors work by using an optical sensor that can detect smoke and they may also be equipped with a heat sensor to detect fires.

The advantage of smoke detectors is that they are uncomplicated and easy install and that they work reasonably well as long as they are installed indoors.

The again, there are many types of locations and structures that are equally at risk for fires but where smoke detectors are not suitable. The most obvious example for this would be outdoors, think about sports stadiums, festival grounds, parking lots and many other such places. Until recently, fire safety for such places had been an issue. This has changed with the advent of fire cameras.

What are fire cameras?

A fire camera may look like an ordinary camera but the difference is that they are featuring advanced software for real-time fire detection. Said differently, a fire camera can detect fires from what it sees. This gives fire cameras a big advantage over other systems such as smoke detectors: a fire camera can detect fires even in the distance. Modern fire cameras can detect fires from as far away as several hundred metres. Moreover, fire cameras can also work outdoors where they can oversee a large area.

But fire cameras don’t just have this significant advantage over smoke detectors, they are often incorporating more features that can add to safety: Most of the time, fire camera can also automatically alert when they detect a fire and can even provide exact coordinates of a fire via GPS. This can decrease response times so that fires can often be extinguished by responders before they could have caused greater harm or damage.

And lastly, fire cameras can easily be incorporated into any existing CCTV system, which makes them an attractive option for businesses who want to increase the fire safety with minimal hassles.