First Aid Training Courses For Your Club

first-aid-bx-medicalIf we’re talking sports, injuries can always happen.

This is the reason why having your sports club or team members educated in first aid can be immensely helpful.

If you know proper first aid techniques you can immediately attend to an injured person, be it on the soccer field, in the ring or amongst your spectators.

This is extremely important in those minutes until a doctor is available. In some cases, knowing about first aid can actually save lives.

First aid training courses are a convenient way to have your entire team learn about first aid techniques. In the United Kingdom you can find several providers today who can actually come to your club and educate your members on site. They can do this for sports clubs and teams but also for companies or any other type of organization.

Most of those first aid training course providers offer first aid training of various levels. There is basic first aid or classes that can be more specialized. Think about the differences in first aid techniques for a diving club, a soccer team or a race track! Reliable providers can advise you in what type of training classes would be best for your club. Simply contact them and tell them about your specific requirements.

If you happen to be in Cornwall, you can look into my recommended first aid courses in Cornwall. This first aid training provider has a good number of courses for you to choose from and their prices are very reasonable. Always know: If your club is educated in first aid it will benefit everyone!

The World’s Fittest Man: Paddy Doyle from Solihull

Paddy Doyle, from Solihull, West Midlands may be the world’s fittest man according to an article at The Daily Mail. The article shows that Mr. Doyle started breaking records as early as back in 1987.

Paddy DoyleThe 49 years old former paratrooper holds no less than 55 Guinness world records. Among them:

* Most one-armed push ups, a startling 4,000 per day in one single year.
* The most sit-ups in five hours while holding a 50lb steel plate.
* He completed the fastest cross-country marathon carrying 40 lbs backpack.

Along with his 55 Guinness records, Paddy holds another (!) 149 records which however are approved by other bodies according to the article.

It is rather safe to say that Paddy Doyle may well be the world’s fittest man!

On Apprenticeships & Internships In The UK

There is no question about the fact that today’s job market in the UK is anything but easy. I see it all the time how some of my younger buddies are struggling finding a position. What’s worthy to mention here is that those young folks I know who cannot find a job are neither under-qualified nor do they have bad grades. In fact, at least two of them have excellent grades. They finished school with a degree and have the same problem getting a full-time position like the others.

apprenticeships in the UKThis is where I tell those graduates and other young folks that they really should look into apprenticeships and internships once they’re out of school and not to waste their valuable time looking for a job unsuccessfully.

Why is that? What’s so special about internships and apprenticeships and why should you look into them?

With internships based in the UK you can often get into a career a lot quicker than using the “traditional” route applying for one company after the other, even with a stellar degree.

Employers in the UK are willing to take you on as an apprentice but they may be hesitant to hire for full-time positions.

Now, getting into a field is not all there is. With an apprenticeship you can quickly get a lot of “first-hand” experience that will be extremely valuable should you continue looking for a job after your apprenticeship. In many cases, employers will hire you JUST because you have this experience and they won’t even take a second look at your degree since they think that your grades are less worth than real skills and experience that you have proven.

But the best thing about apprenticeships London is that you have very good chances to turn your apprenticeship into a real position afterwards. MOST apprentices in the UK do get hired and won’t have to look for a job afterwards. In other words, the time you will spend as an apprentice is extremely well spent since you will get experience and a very high chance to land a job afterwards.

Rodriguez Dreams Of Real Madrid

James Rodriguez says it is a dream of him to join Real Madrid, but it will likely just be a dream and he’ll stay with his current club Monaco.

There are rumours about Madrid wanting to buy the 23-year-old forward player with a 70million euros (£55million) swoop. Rodriguez is one of the players in Brazil who stands out with his scoring charts with six goals leading.

Just last season he joined Monaco from Porto for a fee of approximately £38.5million. In an interview he said he would relish the chance to line up alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Spanish newspaper Marca cites him saying: “It’s really flattering to know that a club like Madrid, of such magnitude, are interested in me. It would be a dream to sign for the team of my dreams. I have a great deal of respect for other clubs and admire the good football they play, but ultimately Real Madrid are Real Madrid. I’ve always had a thing for them.”

He continued: “It’s a dream, as I said, but also a privilege to play alongside players of such quality, all those world-class stars. It’s my life’s dream. If this finally happens, I only want to enjoy it.”

My Personal Tip If You Like Horse Racing

As so many of my buddies I am really into horse racing. No wonder since we’re having the Chester Racecourse not far from where I live. Now, I would be lying to say that I won a lot at the races during the last two decades. Because I didn’t do any better than most of us at least until last year. “Last year” simply because this is when I got more serious with horse racing and where I started to use a strategy rather than betting without one.

The Best Horse Racing TipsIt was actually Henry who told me about horse racing tips, the different types there are and how he tested a whole bunch of them. He was sharing all this information with me.

Basically, what it came down to was that he didn’t come across ONE single horse racing tips website which really worked for him, EXCEPT the one horse racing site that is run by the “Horse Racing Pro”.

This is a horse racing professional who now provides a service of horse racing and working betting tips where everyone can subscribe to. This was about one year ago.

Obviously, like Henry did I also took a closer look at this site and found what Bob Rothman said rather convincing.  So I signed up with those betting tips and this was probably my best decision I ever made when it comes to horse racing here in the United Kingdom.

The last year was really entirely different since I didn’t just make even with winning and losing at the horses. I actually won several times. So overall I made several thousands this year and I have no doubt in my minf this is because I am now applying Bob Rothman’s solid racing advice! make a long story short: If you love the races as much as I do I definitely recommend that you check out what Bob Rothman has to say because he WILL help you win at the races! Henry and me are the proof so I can entirely vouch for those horse racing tips that do work!