Who Are The Singing Waiters?

The Singing Waiters London are one of the UK’s most prominent surprise entertainers. As the name of the group already implies, they became known for their singing waiters routine which they are performing for all kind of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so forth. Another very popular routine from the repertoire is flash mobs which are performing the bigger cities all across UK, in places such as shopping malls and other public locations.

But the singing waiters or not only doing musical surprise entertainment, there are also splendid with “normal” musical entertainment. The singing waiters can also be found on several cruise ships that set out from the UK where they perform the musical entertainment for holiday makers.

What makes The Singing Waiters different from other surprise entertainers? Now, surprise entertainment isn’t exactly something extremely rare in particular in United Kingdom. What’s rare however is to find a group that is really good at it. After all, everyone can call himself an entertainer and then perform at some place and charge money for it.

The Singing Waiters London are probably the one and only surprise entertainment group in the United Kingdom where each of their members is actually qualified for the job. They all come from renowned arts and music schools in UK. In other words they are top notch in what they are doing. If have any doubts about that, just ask anyone who had the fortunate to see them!

What Is The Best School For Sports In The United Kingdom?

ailesbury-high-schoolIf you ever wondered what school in the United Kingdom would be the best when it comes to sports, here’s the answer:

Ailesbury High School is now officially the U.K.’s best sporting state school according to an article at the Bucksherald.

School Sport magazine  just awarded the accolade to the school. Ailesbury High School stood out among the rest of schooling institutions in the UK.

To begin with, four of the school’s sports teams are current national champions in cross country, badminton, basketball and netball. But that is not all! Ailesbury high school has several other sport teams that have reached national finals.

The head of physical education at Ailesbury High School, Ali Arber to the press:  “We have some very strong individuals in a range of sports, but it is not enough to just put talented players together; our team spirit shines through in every sport and our teams regularly receive praise for the considerate and friendly way in which they approach competition, while still having the hunger to win.’
Headteacher Alan Rosen, who himself competes at national level in orienteering, believes that sport is an essential part of the curriculum. Enjoyable, well-taught sport brings real benefits both to individuals and to the whole school.”

The award was given after the magazine examined UK schools based on their rating among 20 different sports across more than 120 different disciplines.

The Advantages of Fire Cameras

Everyone will know smoke detectors, the small battery driven devices that you can find in many homes and businesses.

Most smoke detectors work by using an optical sensor that can detect smoke and they may also be equipped with a heat sensor to detect fires.

The advantage of smoke detectors is that they are uncomplicated and easy install and that they work reasonably well as long as they are installed indoors.

The again, there are many types of locations and structures that are equally at risk for fires but where smoke detectors are not suitable. The most obvious example for this would be outdoors, think about sports stadiums, festival grounds, parking lots and many other such places. Until recently, fire safety for such places had been an issue. This has changed with the advent of fire cameras.

What are fire cameras?

A fire camera may look like an ordinary camera but the difference is that they are featuring advanced software for real-time fire detection. Said differently, a fire camera can detect fires from what it sees. This gives fire cameras a big advantage over other systems such as smoke detectors: a fire camera can detect fires even in the distance. Modern fire cameras can detect fires from as far away as several hundred metres. Moreover, fire cameras can also work outdoors where they can oversee a large area.

But fire cameras don’t just have this significant advantage over smoke detectors, they are often incorporating more features that can add to safety: Most of the time, fire camera can also automatically alert when they detect a fire and can even provide exact coordinates of a fire via GPS. This can decrease response times so that fires can often be extinguished by responders before they could have caused greater harm or damage.

And lastly, fire cameras can easily be incorporated into any existing CCTV system, which makes them an attractive option for businesses who want to increase the fire safety with minimal hassles.

Stay Fit and Have Fun on Your Next Holidays

There are a lot of people who think that a standard run-of-the-mill holiday would be the best way to spend time at their favourite travel location. But holidays can be so much more fun and a lot more exciting if you do them off the beaten path, away from those places where everyone else goes.

campervanI do not think that booking into a hotel at one of the already overcrowded tourist destinations makes for a great holiday. If you ask me, those types of holidays don’t really excite me a lot at all!

I found that camping is a lot more fun than staying in hotel rooms.

And when I say “camping” I don’t mean that you will have to bring your sleeping bag and a tent. I am talking about getting a fully equipped camper van for your next holiday travels.

The truth is, in the past I had booked into some hotels that provided me less comfort and luxury than I have today when I go travel with my camper. My van has everything I need, this includes a nice kitchen area, a couch, a table, a fridge and a shower. I can go wherever I want, I can get up whenever I want, I can prepare my own food and drink and it don’t rely on anyone, no overpriced hotels and no expensive hotel restaurants!

In recent years, self catering has actually gotten even more affordable especially in countries such as in Spain or Italy! Prices for groceries there have dropped compared to the last few years,  thanks to the strong British pound! This means that having a nice holiday at that those places is even cheaper today than it was some years ago. Pretty much any holiday destination today will have a supermarket where you can buy everything you will require during your stay without having to spend a lot of money.

A VW camper van hire can be a great start when you want to go on an exciting holiday. You will always have the option to just book a camper van for the duration of your holidays and if you start to really like this type of travel  like I do you might even want to purchase your very own camper van!

The World’s Fittest Man: Paddy Doyle from Solihull

Paddy Doyle, from Solihull, West Midlands may be the world’s fittest man according to an article at The Daily Mail. The article shows that Mr. Doyle started breaking records as early as back in 1987.

Paddy DoyleThe 49 years old former paratrooper holds no less than 55 Guinness world records. Among them:

* Most one-armed push ups, a startling 4,000 per day in one single year.
* The most sit-ups in five hours while holding a 50lb steel plate.
* He completed the fastest cross-country marathon carrying 40 lbs backpack.

Along with his 55 Guinness records, Paddy holds another (!) 149 records which however are approved by other bodies according to the article.

It is rather safe to say that Paddy Doyle may well be the world’s fittest man!

Where To Learn Yoga?

Finding Yogo Classes In Your TownUnless you have live in a town where you have a community collage nearby, finding a location where you can attend yoga, fitness or health classes can be difficult if not impossible.

For most of us, what this means is either long drives to the next big town or learning the essentials from books. However, there is a way to visit fitness classes which you might possibly not have heard of yet.

Almost any town today, even small ones have a fitness center or a gym. Recently, increasingly more fitness gyms in the United Kingdom are also offering yoga classes and similar courses. It can be a good idea if you check your local fitness gyms whether they offer such classes. A good gym will usually always have a website where you can see whether they offer yoga classes. Should you not find a website for your local gym, simple call them up or go by in person.

Most of the time, those classes should be reasonable priced. So if you have a  gym in your town this is definitely something you should look into! If you live in Hackney, I recommend Yoga in Hackney at the fantastic London Fields Fitness studio which I personally love!

First Aid Training Courses For Your Club

first-aid-coursesIf we’re talking sports, injuries can always happen.

This is the reason why having your sports club or team members educated in first aid can be immensely helpful.

If you know proper first aid techniques you can immediately attend to an injured person, be it on the soccer field, in the ring or amongst your spectators.

This is extremely important in those minutes until a doctor is available. In some cases, knowing about first aid can actually save lives.

First aid training courses are a convenient way to have your entire team learn about first aid techniques. In the United Kingdom you can find several providers today who can actually come to your club and educate your members on site. They can do this for sports clubs and teams but also for companies or any other type of organization.

Most of those first aid training course providers offer first aid training of various levels. There is basic first aid or classes that can be more specialized. Think about the differences in first aid techniques for a diving club, a soccer team or a race track! Reliable providers can advise you in what type of training classes would be best for your club. Simply contact them and tell them about your specific requirements.

If you happen to be in Cornwall, you can look into first aid courses in Cornwall. There are several providers who various training courses for you to choose from and their prices are normally reasonable. Always know: If your club is educated in first aid it will benefit everyone!