What Is The Best School For Sports In The United Kingdom?

ailesbury-high-schoolIf you ever wondered what school in the United Kingdom would be the best when it comes to sports, here’s the answer:

Ailesbury High School is now officially the U.K.’s best sporting state school according to an article at the Bucksherald.

School Sport magazine  just awarded the accolade to the school. Ailesbury High School stood out among the rest of schooling institutions in the UK.

To begin with, four of the school’s sports teams are current national champions in cross country, badminton, basketball and netball. But that is not all! Ailesbury high school has several other sport teams that have reached national finals.

The head of physical education at Ailesbury High School, Ali Arber to the press:  “We have some very strong individuals in a range of sports, but it is not enough to just put talented players together; our team spirit shines through in every sport and our teams regularly receive praise for the considerate and friendly way in which they approach competition, while still having the hunger to win.’
Headteacher Alan Rosen, who himself competes at national level in orienteering, believes that sport is an essential part of the curriculum. Enjoyable, well-taught sport brings real benefits both to individuals and to the whole school.”

The award was given after the magazine examined UK schools based on their rating among 20 different sports across more than 120 different disciplines.

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The Benefits Of Magnetic Therapy For Fitness And Health

The knowledge about the benefits of magnetic fields on our bodies is actually not a recent one. In fact, this knowledge was already known to ancient cultures back some thousands of years ago. The ancient Chinese for example knew about magnetic fields and their benefits for a long time already.

magnet-therapyIt was only recently that this knowledge had been rediscovered in our modern time, along with other ancient wisdom such as acupuncture, yoga or meditation. However, magnetic therapy has for the longest been a step-child of modern alternative healing.

This however changed with studies that have been conducted over the recent years that now confirm the benefits of magnetic fields for our health and fitness.

Some recent information about this can be found at http://www.med.nyu.edu/content?ChunkIID=33778 or here at http://www.livescience.com/2169-magnet-therapy-boost-real-study.html where it is reported that “magnetic therapy get’s a boost from real studies“:

“Magnetic therapy, long derailed as pseudoscience, has just gotten a boost from a biomedical study showing how magnets can reduce swelling.

The study will likely impress manufacturers of magnetic devices, many of whom never dreamed these things could actually work and have been selling them merely to cash in on this $5-billion-a-year industry. But skeptics will have a tough time brushing this one off.”

What  this means is there is really no need to debate the effectiveness of magnetic jewellery or magnetic medical devices any longer since the scientific evidence for their effectiveness speaks for itself.

Now, how can you reap the magnetic therapy benefits for your health?

One good thing about magnetic therapy is that its application can be very simple and straight-forward. It doesn’t require elaborate devices to experience the benefits, simple jewellery with magnets on them may be all that you need. This explains why magnetic jewellery has seen a dramatic rise in popularity recently.

Today, you can get jewelry such as golf bracelets for little money. Those magnetic bracelets, as the name implies, are perfect for golfers but of course they’re also suitable for any other type of sports. You wear them across your wrist and may soon experience relief from strain and wrist pains, this makes them an ideal accessory for pro athletes and hobby golfers alike. Health in sports is affected by many factors and magnetic therapy can be one thing you should definitely look at as well.

My Personal Tip If You Like Horse Racing

As so many of my buddies I am really into horse racing. No wonder since we’re having the Chester Racecourse not far from where I live. Now, I would be lying to say that I won a lot at the races during the last two decades. Because I didn’t do any better than most of us at least until last year. “Last year” simply because this is when I got more serious with horse racing and where I started to use a strategy rather than betting without one.

The Best Horse Racing TipsIt was actually Henry who told me about horse racing tips, the different types there are and how he tested a whole bunch of them. He was sharing all this information with me.

Basically, what it came down to was that he didn’t come across ONE single horse racing tips website which really worked for him, EXCEPT the one horse racing site that is run by the “Horse Racing Pro”.

This is a horse racing professional who now provides a service of horse racing and working betting tips where everyone can subscribe to. This was about one year ago.

Obviously, like Henry did I also took a closer look at this site and found what Bob Rothman said rather convincing.  So I signed up with those betting tips and this was probably my best decision I ever made when it comes to horse racing here in the United Kingdom.

The last year was really entirely different since I didn’t just make even with winning and losing at the horses. I actually won several times. So overall I made several thousands this year and I have no doubt in my minf this is because I am now applying Bob Rothman’s solid racing advice!

So..to make a long story short: If you love the races as much as I do I definitely recommend that you check out what Bob Rothman has to say because he WILL help you win at the races! Henry and me are the proof so I can entirely vouch for those horse racing tips that do work!